Why Hitler's Swastika is not actually Swastika?


“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”—Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

I was curious in my childhood, "Why Hitler is using Hindu Swastika? Is he has any connection with India? Is he Hindu?". Such stupid but genuine questions. Some days ago I came across a post from upword on Twitter that gave me directions to find answers to all my questions. The overall summary of that post is "Find it in original Mein Kampf". So I started reading the German version which I found online https://archive.org/details/Hitler-Adolf-Mein-Kampf-Text. You must be thinking that "How does this Indian stupid know German?". Honestly, I don't know. I passed one credit German language subject in my engineering. That's it. Before we start, I would like to Thank Google translate.

Download Mein Kampf

You can download the pdf file of Mein Kampf from https://archive.org/details/Hitler-Adolf-Mein-Kampf-Text. Refer below image

Search for Swastika

I believe you also downloaded the Original German Mein Kampf. So we can search Swastika in it. And I found 0 (Zero) results. Did you get any results?

So there is no Swastika mentioned in the Original German Edition which is written by Adolf Hitler. According to that post I read, We should search the word Hakenkreuz. Oh, My Gods & Goddesses, I got 9 results.

Let's use Google Translate to learn the meaning of our beloved Hakenkreuz. And surprise, According to Google translate, Hakenkreuz means Swastika.

But wait, this is the wrong translation. To understand why this is the incorrect translation, we should learn "How does Google translate work?"

How does Google translate work?

It is a free multilingual statistical and neural machine translation service developed by Google to translate text and websites from one language to another. It used United Nations and European Parliament documents and transcripts to gather linguistic data. Rather than translating languages directly, it first translates to English and then to the target language with some exceptions like Catalan-Spanish.  It uses Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) to increase fluency and accuracy from 2016.

So in short, It uses already translated documents for future translation. Or the AI system is created using translated documents and that AI is translating our Hakenkruez to Swastika.

So in all documents, Hakenkreuz is translated as Swastika so Google translate also does the same.

Finding the meaning of Hakenkreuz

Hakenkreuz is not one word. It is made from two words, Haken & Kreuz respectively. Let's then search these 2 words separately in Google translate. And voila, We got this.

Haken (Hook)

Kreuz (Cross)

Finally, We found that Hakenkreuz is Hooked Cross. But What is Hooked Cross? Let's Google it.

What is Hooked Cross?

Hooked Cross is Christian Symbol that represents Christ's victory over death.


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